Professional Work

Welcome, potential employers and curious onlookers alike. Below are a number of samples of my work from the various realms of media in which I've dabbled. This page is currently under construction and continually updated, so feel free to check back to see what new samples have been uploaded! All links are Quicktime 7 Mp4s. If you don't have Quicktime, you can get it here.

Right-Click a link and choose Save Target As, or click to view. Loading may take several minutes. This page gives you access to a diverse range of projects which I have worked on over the years. Potential employers can also view my complete resume for other examples of my professional experience. I hope you enjoy these samples - there are many more yet to come! At the moment, God has blessed me with gainful employment at NexGen Rx Marketing; if that changes for any reason, you'll be the first to know!

Editing and Effects Demo Reel

A reel demonstrating a number of video compositing and graphic effects created with Adobe After Effects, as well as 'music video' style music-based editing.

Full Version:

Quicktime 7 Mp4 format.

Hi-Rez (50 MB)

Low-Rez (25 MB)

View Part 1:

A high-rez version of the first half of the Editing and Effects Demo Reel-

An Introduction and an overview of my work for clients.

Download (17 MB)

View Part 2:

A demonstration of music-based editing as well as effects skills from a number of my own short film projects. Or, as I like to call it 'The Good Stuff.'

Download (54 MB)

Ride4US Videos

The following videos are prmotional/informational films created for Ride4US, a charity that raises money to buy Ultrasound machines for the Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

5 Minute Video

The 'Pastor Interview' and 'Ultrasound story' segments are not mine.

(26 MB)

1 Minute Video

A shorter streamlined version of the 5 minute presentation.

(9 MB)

Editing Samples

Below are several samples of stand-alone editing (not based or cued from musical sources), currently consisting of a number of scenes from the feature-length film Heroes. Several professional client-based projects will be available soon, pending the repair of a snapped archive-tape. Which is, of course, the video equivalent of "No, the dog really did eat my homework!"

Scene I

The Mugging

(15 MB)

Scene II

Training A Team

(27 MB)

Scene III

Preparing For Battle

(11 MB)


Created from the Thought Equity stock footage library as part of an editing contest, this 30 second spot also demonstrates some creative commercial editing.

View (6 MB)

Virtual Realities

One other area of media that doesn't fall within the 'typical' video realm is within my repertoire- the of creating Quicktime Virtual Realities- 360 degree panoramas, excellent for showing off homes to be sold, or documenting the conditions of a house for insurance purposes. Below is a sample Virtual Reality, in Quicktime format. (Additional samples available in the Gazette section)

View (9 MB)


My Resume is viewable in Word or PDF format.