It was a grand era of Double Features, 3D Movies, and Movie Serials. Its monochromatic brilliance dazzled the silver screen and thrilled patrons in motion picture houses across the country- and now, you can see it for yourself!


When the Earth is in peril, the Future's greatest hero must save the day! Lovingly restored from original prints found in the No Line Cinemas vaults, this classic Movie Serial is once again ready for action- with all of the Mystery, Intrigue, Romance, Excitement, and Thrills that it's packed since it's release in the 1940s! Don't miss out on the action of MAJOR TETRYON!





A Nefarious Menace To The Earth!

Enter The Evil Villain!

Tragedy Strikes!

Fiendish Foliage!

The Plot Thickens!

A Strange Twist Of Fate!

Epic Battle And Technology!

A Long-Awaited Reunion!

Will Major Tetryon Survive?

The Astounding Finale!

And, just found in the studio vaults themselves, vintage footage from the production of this epic saga- painstakingly restored, with commentary by Andrew Gilbertson and Joshua Rust, descendants of the original producers!




Recovered from the Vaults!

Restored from the Archives!

If you've got no clue what a movie serial is!



Major Tetryon is on DVD! Featuring the films, the bonus content, audio commentaries, Easter Eggs, and more! Visit the Contact page and get in touch with us to order yourself a copy!