School Projects

What a difference two years makes... a documentary on Seattle's King Street Station created as an editing project, and a 2-years-later revisit of the same subject with far-improved production values (this one, written and produced by me & edited by Tom Allmendinger, has been repeatedly broadcast on TV!)


An advertisement for Clover Park's Pharmacy Tech program became the platform for a little bit of medical humor... who'd've guessed this is where I'd end up?

(Fall 2001)

(Summer 2001)                                                                (Fall 2003)


Take one digital camera, a couple of puppets, a school stop-motion assignment, and a spoof on the coolest new thing on the internet (at the time), and you get this: The origin of the No Line Cinemas logo and studio- the foundations of where you are right now.

(Fall 2001)


Jedi Public Access TV gets interrupted by a sinister visitor!

(Not originally filmed as a silent movie... but we forgot to connect the microphone. Oops!)

(Spring 2002)


Another school project- Are you an overwieght Italian plumber from Brooklyn looking to save a magical kingdom- but you don't know where to start? We can help! In ten simple instructional videos, we'll teach you how to jump on all manner of evil forrest critters, bash your skull against large floating blocks, and ride small domesticated dinosaurs! All for the ultimate reward- a single kiss from the princess. And sometime, a cake.

(Winter 2001)


(Just pretend we have... costumes, or sets, or anything related to Super Mario Bros. Also, check out the Blooper reel!)





How's your grasp on temporal mechanics? Hang tight for a trip back to the 1970s in this Back to the Future inspired semi-final project. With a car-mounted chase camera and everything!

(Summer 2002)


(Apologies for the lousy framerate!)

My modern video phase begins here- my first After Effects project. The After Effects class basically involved a set of 'assemble everything precisely to these specifications' assignments- but of course, that bored me. So I had to do something unique. It should be obvious where the project ends and my improvising begins....

(Winter 2002)


Learning After Effects in school was pretty cut-and-paste; a technical matter of duplicating projects in exact sequence. Where's the fun in, right? So, I scrapped the soundtracks, merged a pair of the projects with my own footage... and my first trailer was born.

(Winter 2002)


A simple little After Effects test turned into one of my first experiments with foley...

(Spring 2003)


...And this assignment for foley put the audio into sharp focus for one of my darkest (literally) shorts, dramatizing a script by Jim Hurlbut.

(Summer 2003)


For an After Effects midterm, I went the parody route, creating a trailer for the film that NO ONE wants to see...

(Fall 2003)


One of No Line Cinemas two Lost Projects (recently found!), this effects-film was actually made for a documentary on the making of a movie; and all source and project files were believed lost. However, a recently recovered master has allowed for a major reconstruction of this project, starring Karriem Shabazz... thrice.

(Fall 2003)


To understand this trailer for an event that never happened, go to > Stargate - SG1, Atlantis, etc. > The Gate Room (a.k.a. The Stargate Sink) > The Penguin Goa'uld Episode > Part 1. Or just take my word for it- a trailer for an imaginary Stargate SG1 episode. The very first No Line Cinemas production to hit the internet, courtesy of Geocities.

(April 1, 2004)


The other of No Line Cinemas' lost projects, this film was a personal favorite, won awards at a film festival... and was partially lost by a bad backup. The second half still exists, but only with some major reconstruction will it ever see the light of day again.