Films with Family

This project for school was before I technically started into video- a narrated photo-montage instead. Thrill to all that... 'realistic'... CGI snow...

(Fall 2001)


Our first 'Snow Movie,' a Star Wars film with grand ambitions that turned out to be a glorified FX test. Starring me, and my sister, and me, and me, and me, and me...!

(Winter 2003)


Also, you can check out the extended Blooper Reel.

A series of vingette spoofs chronicling the daily trials of a famous Hollywood actress!

(Summer 2004)


Made from a pre-provided script for what was meant to be a stage play, my parents get in on the act for this advertisement for the church's 30 Days of Purpose.

(Fall 2005)


(Also see 'The Interview' under the Calvary Movie Night page.)


Also, Bloopers!

To test my Premiere Pro 1.5, I just got everbody really hyper and made a music video out of it. That's Mario Party's jukebox we're dancing to...



Joined by cousin Cole, we spend the Fourth of July battling those most insidious of fireworks... those snakes that seem to emerge from the pits of heck itself!

(Summer 2006)

Slow holiday. Cousins over. Video camera. Murder mystery without any script or planning?

Sure, why not!

(Spring 2003)


Dancing Santa... for a Murder Mystery? Yeah, I dunno why...



A little look at the making of, and the bloopers for, our Perfect Night film.

(Summer 2003)

Inspired by Kung-Pow: Enter the Fist... why not have a sequel to a murder mystery as a badly dubbed Kung Fu movie...?

(Summer 2004)


And of course, there's really only one song to use for a kung-fu mvoie trailer...



Behind the scenes on the epic stuntwork, and bloopers!

(Summer 2004)

A little retrospective on the same family trip the produced the

Perfect Day films...