East Coast Projects

This short film is an experiment: produce a script written by a 6-year-old. Marshmallows and eggs and lizards, oh my!

A cast of solely my future in-laws... only a few days after I'd met them!

(Early Spring 2007)


Created as a video segment of the Oblivion Continuum podcast, this travelogue catalogs a Filmscore & Star Trek lover's dream as we hit California's Star Trek location highlights, capped off by a concert of the music of Star Trek motion picture Maestro Jerry Goldsmith's greatest hits!

(April 2011)

One of my first endeavors in CGI, this teaser for the Star Wars: Marvels audio project was inspired by those 'beauty pass' car ads...

(January 2008)


Man, does this rock! The symbology may make a little more sense once you've listened to the Star Wars: Marvels audio dramas (or if you know your EU), but either way... Jaxxon gets the Bond treatment! Whoo!

(Spring 2008)

Made with my future wife only a week after I met her, this wintry epic of lost sibblings and an evil wizard is currently in production!


Produced as part of a cancelled three-in-one film project, this film is currently undergoing hybridizing for a new special edition...

Sequel to Traitors of the Lost Jungle, this Indy-style epic is just entering into pre-production!