Short Films

Welcome to my video projects. These are short films and stories that I've created within the last few years; hobbies, really- these are just for fun. (Downloadable Quicktimes and streamable Youtubes are available for each.) And if you're itching for a few more films, search the site for Easter Eggs!

Parents, sister, cousins... my first film stars were family! Check out some of my earliest projects here!

Who doesn't love a good fight scene? This section's filled with 'em... plus Game Over, my first film to get an FX makeover and an original score!

Film School... the only time you can make crazy movies about whatever the heck you want all day and not be a slacker because of it!

Five years of mounting production values and one overworked youth group combine to create the Calvary Movie Night series, five years of parodies and short films of increasingly cinematic scope, culminating in Heroes, our CGI-enhanced, originally scored feature film!

Take a trip to yesteryear with the Future's Greatest Hero- and his secretary! This old-school classic movie serial project is perhaps my favorite film out of the dozens I've made!

After getting a job, getting married, and moving far away from my production base, video work necessarily fell off a bit; most of the major projects here are still in production. But they're far from extinct- check out my newest work here, including our Star Trek/Jerry Goldsmith travelogue extravaganza!