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The Guestbook: Comment on the web design. The movies. Suggestions. Or just to let me know that you actually visited the site and have a last name that isn't the same as mine.


The God Nerd Blog  

My old blog, now defunct, reviving the major writing works from my Myspace blog and adding to the collection. A place of thought-provovking discussion, debateable issues. Comments are not only welcome, they're requested! Who knows... I may even start writing it again!


The Andrew and Sarah Blog 

Our current blog, written and managed by my lovely wife- though updated sparingly summer 2009, this is the source to find out what's going on with us!



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If you want to, y'know. Including to request a DVD of Major Tetryon or Heroes!



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I'm hardly ever on anymore, but information about me and dozens of archived, informative blogs on a range of Philosophical, Religious, and Literature-based topics await you here.


My Facebook page

For the moment, this would be the best way to find out about me.



Audio Dramas:

In the realm of audio dramas, I've been a fairly active participant in early 2007. For those interested, this is a current list of audio dramas (several hosted by No Line Cinemas) in which Andrew Gilbertson has appeared:


Star Wars: Marvels

As: Jaxxon (starring) 


Age of the Swords: Chapter I: The Descent Of Shadows

As: Erelor (starring)


Star Wars: High Stakes

As: Kye Faythara (starring)


Star Wars: Omega Squad: Targets

As: Commander Obrim Nuriin-Ar (supporting)


Star Wars: Codename Starkeeper

As: Dirk Harkness (supporting)


Star Wars: In the Shadows

As: Lt. Galvan Gev (minor)


Star Wars: Charybdis: Chapter II: Data Mining

As: Imperial Remnant Captain (minor)


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Crossroads

As: Captain Hyridan Naris (minor)



As: Private Nale (minor)


 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Outcasts: Wing and Smoke 

As: The Narrator


Long Tale Tavern

(Now defunct?)

As: The Drunk (supporting)


Coming soon:

Time Distortion Day Trip



Plus, the now defunct radio show ALTA Radio, which can also be found under No Line Radio!




Some Great Links:


Lion's Mouth Entertainment - Director/Producer Joe Harrison's excellent Audio Drama work! Go take a listen- you might even hear me hanging around, eventually...


Darths and Droids - Webcomics just don't get any better than this!


Star Wars Fan Works - The home of Fan-Made Audio Dramas!


Star Trek: The New Voyages - An utterly incredible fan-made production- a little slice of heaven for any Trekkie!


TrueU - In for some deep theology, logic, and general all-around mind bending? Check out the Nerd's Corner at TrueU, a Focus On The Family webzine. Or, head to the main TrueU page and take a look at some of the great articles there!


Boundless - Another excellent Christian webzine, dealing specifically with issues that confront us teens/20s, as well as a number of theological and faith-based topics.


Akinator - A frighteningly accurate 20 questions for any movie character you can think of... go on, just try and stump it!


Homestar Runner - If you haven't heard of the web's funniest flash cartoon, you've probably been living under a rock for the last decade, or have been savagely eaten by wolves. In either case, go check it out.