Films with Friends

The Process:

1. Take movie footage shot around 1993, when I was eight, on an old VHS camera.

2. Add special effects to match the imagination of that eight year old.

3. Stir, let sit for 30 minutes, then release on the internet.

(Summer 1999/Fall 2004)


An experiment with bluescreens made from tarps, completed in photoshop filmstrips, and yet again, unintentionally silent because of a lousy capture...

(Fall 2001)


An early 'epic' star Wars fan-film that never got off the ground, and one of my first efforts with my own camera. This early edit was created with Adobe Photoshop frame-by-frame rotoscoping. A second and third sections (as well as an opening title crawl) have recently been added in rough-cut form featuring effects at various levels of completion.

(Fall 2001/Summer 2007)


This unfinished drama was based loosely along the concepts that would become Roll Of The Dice (and the unreleased 'Head In The Clouds')... sort of. Only a small portion of this film is as-yet completed, effects done, at the time, all in Photoshop Filmstrips, frame-by-frame. These effects test were mostly without sound, and will be uploaded here as they are found.


A truly bizarre but fun film, made, like all movies with this set of actors, completely as we went along. Good, classic, medieval fun. And Mexican elves.

(Summer 2003)


(For the record, Blaine, our Elf, is deaf, and Ben, when exagerating his mouth movements to facilitate easier lip-reading, sometimes forgets to actually speak aloud. Thus, if you see lip movement with no sound, you are not missing audio- the performer is.)

A 'sequel' of sorts to Lord of the Stones (same actor, same location, unrelated story,) and part two of the Ben Clapp Insanity trilogy (so named for our improvisational star.) This is what happens when you turn a personality like Jim Carrey's on steroids lose to create a movie- it's utterly nuts, and largely nonsensical. But fun.

(Summer 2004)


(In response to frequent viewer comments: the sequence that starts around the six-minute mark is intended to be a Baywatch parody- nothing more!!!)

Our ultimate epic superhero movie. A story behind every shot, an acting tour-de-force, and the culmination of special effects technology employed in films up to it's point, Project: Stasis is an improvised, costume-based blockbuster, and one of my personal favorites.

(Summer 2005)


(Note: One minor and unfortunate detraction from this film: Be advised that the audio quality is sometimes very poor- it has been boosted where possible, but some of the dialogue may take multiple viewings to catch.)




One of our two December releases, this was the first major production I really attempted with the Canon XL-1. This film has now been re-cut, re-edited, and special edition-ized with all new effects, as well as CGI from 3D artist Joshua Rust and an original score by composer Matthew Milne



Also, for more Game Over action, check out the Blooper Reel!

We were bored. Nathan's little brother wanted in on the act. We made this.


We're sorry.

(Summer 2003)


(This is not Game Over canon)

This unique and way-fun trailer was completed... just before production collapsed entirely. With the principle actors now scattered across the country, its completion remains unlikely. But for a view into what might have been, we provide the entire script at its final stage of completion for your perusal.

(Summer 2006)

A roleplaying game is featured from both sides of the game. Created as part of our "If it snows, we must make a movie in it" rule.

(December 2005)

A spiritual sucessor for Roll of the Dice was heavily eviscerated by a tape full of corrupted footage. The remnants were repurposed into this: a montage-style short film about the dangers of pride... and escalation.

(December 2006)